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Epub Conversion Services in India

What is an epub conversion service?

Epub conversion service includes the process of converting digital manuscripts and printed books into ebooks in different publishing formats that are compatible with  popular e-readers like Kobo Reader, Nook Reader, Amazon Kindle, iPad/iPhone, etc

Types of epub conversion formats

  • Reflowable Format ePub2/ePub3 TITLEThis is the ePUB file for Apple, Kobo, Amazon, Google, all other retailers, e-libraries, and subscription services. Mostly suitable for textbooks and books with a simple format.
    (Supporting Platforms – Apple, Kindle, Google-Play, Kobo, Nook, etc.)
  • ePub for VitalSource Bookshelf TITLEVitalSource is an online bookshelf program that is used to access eBooks for your courses.
  • Fixed-layout format TITLEThis format will be more appropriate for creating an ebook if your book includes illustrations, complex designs or a lot of images or if the style of the content need to be maintained.
  • Audio ebooks TITLEAudio recording of a book is also known as read-aloud books. Audio recording is usually done by a well-known voice expert or by the author of the publication.
  • Animated ebooks using css3/html5 TITLEWidely used for multimedia books, books with a complex layout, interactive documents, and mathematical publications. Helps in creating media-rich and immersive ebooks.
  • Web-accessible ebooks TITLEHelps in creating ebooks that are visible to web browsers and clients. Therefore, readers can access the file at the time of publication
  • Print replica ebooks with Kindle create TITLEPrint replica ebooks will maintain the layout and formatting of the print editions and provide a lot of benefits of standard kindle ebooks.
  • PagePerfect and NOOK Kids for Barnes and Noble TITLESuitable for Kid-targeted books with charming illustrations
  • Interactive ebooks TITLEUsed for producing ebooks that can be read on all types of devices and that include various elements for users to interact directly
Epub Conversion Services in India
Epub Conversion Services in India

Why choose Geethik for epub conversion service

Over millions of ebooks and counting: With more than a decade of experience in the epub conversion service domain, we handle millions of pages every year for creating ebooks enriched with valuable content
Complete test for compatibility: We focus on extensive testing steps. Each ebook that is converted is put through two rounds of proofreading steps to ensure unrivaled performance across all diverse and latest devices.
Project completion on time at the best price: We deliver our projects in quick turnaround time and provide 24-hour service at no additional cost. We provide a comprehensive epub conversion service at an unbeatable price in the market.   
Receive files in all formats: We accept source documents in almost all file formats – such as PDFs, App files, printed books, etc.
Free service support: We are open to our client’s suggestions and provide complete assistance 24/7 in case of any requirement even after the delivery of the project

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How does epub conversion work?

Following is the general process we follow.

Epub Conversion Services in India

Customers send input files to Geethik via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or WeTransfer (Free website for uploading and downloading files)

Epub Conversion Services in India

For eBook conversion, we need the input materials as editable PDF/Word Document/InDesign/Hard Book/Quark Xpress, Cover image, and eISBN

Epub Conversion Services in India

Geethik will then download the input files and send the quote to our customer based on the complexity

Epub Conversion Services in India

The customer will review the quote and then will approve for conversion

Epub Conversion Services in India

Geethik goes ahead with the conversion and delivers the output files to the customer

Epub Conversion Services in India

Customer reviews the files with ereaders Kindle, iPad, Adobe Digital Editions, etc.

Epub Conversion Services in India

If any revisions are needed, the customer will send the list of revisions to Geethik

Epub Conversion Services in India

Geethik will update the revisions and sends the revised files to the customer

Epub Conversion Services in India

Once the customer approves the files, Geethik will raise an invoice for the conversion work

Our epub conversion services include

Complete conversion of the desired content from the source Microsoft Word, Editable and non-editable PDFs, Quark Xpress, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Page Maker, Adobe Framemaker, 3b2/Latex, hard books, and handwritten documents.
The PDF and Microsoft Word files will be formatted using desktop publishing software app like InDesign and then converted into epub format
Making the ebook accessible across various devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other e-readers
Rigorous testing steps to ensure that the results match the client’s expectations in quality and formatting
Epub Conversion Services in India

Frequently asked questions

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about our epub conversion services

Do you offer epub conversion services for books in other languages?

Yes, we offer epub conversion services for other languages too such as French, Italian, Turkish, Danish, Spanish, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Slovenian, Portuguese, and many more.

Is it possible to read my ebook on all available e-readers?

Yes, the ebooks converted by us could be read on all digital reading devices such as Apple’s iPad, Amazon Kindle, google-play, Nook, Kobo, VitalSource, etc. 

How much do you charge for your epub conversion services?

Our charges are very reasonable and it is around 20 – 25% less than other epub conversion service providers in the market. Normally, for simple textbooks, we charge $0.15/page for the epub conversion service.

Which file format do you accept generally?

We accept Microsoft Word, Editable and non-editable PDFs, Quark Xpress, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Page Maker, Adobe Framemaker, 3b2/Latex, hard books, and handwritten documents.

How much time is needed to carry out the epub conversion process?

The conversion process wholly depends on the complexity of the manuscript content. We will deliver 300-page manuscript with simple text content within 24 – 48 hours from the receipt of the source file.

How will you ensure the quality of the epub conversion service for hard books and scanned PDFs?

To ensure quality and to make the file error-free, it is put through two rounds of the manual character-by-character Proofreading process.

Can I include mathematical equations and formulae in my ebook?

Yes, we transform the manuscripts with mathematical equations and formulae into a Reflowable ebook format. Also, for replicating formulae and equations, we use fixed-layout formats.

Can you convert full-color illustrated books and graphic novels?

Yes, we convert illustrated books and graphic novels into the most suitable Fixed-layout ebook formats.

Will my ebook files include Digital Rights Management (DRM)?

No, we do not place DRM protection into the files as most of the distribution channels and online retailers utilize their own DRM solutions which can be applied while uploading files to the particular channel. 

Will my ebook file have text to speech functionality?

We embed an audio version of the content within the ebook file only if it is a fixed-layout children’s ebook with read-aloud narration. But, some devices such as reading apps and Amazon Kindle include an automated text-to-speech feature to create an automated content narration in the ebook file.   

What are the specifications for the front cover?

The front cover should meet certain specifications such as

  • JPG, TIF, PNG, or PDF file formats
  • RGB and not CMYK
  • Preferably 300 or 350 dpi
  • Recommended size is 4500 pixels on the longest side and 2820 pixels on the shortest side
  • Normally a width to height ratio of 1:1.5 – 1:1. is acceptable
  • No printer’s marks

We also recommend not to include a website address, small text, price of book, bar code, explicit or any inappropriate images, not to display cover in 3D, and not to mention any particular retailer. 

Can I provide my own front cover?

Yes, but you need to ensure that it meets all the specifications mentioned above. In addition, also make sure that the file size is under 1MB if you are distributing the file through Amazon. This is because they calculate download fees by including the cover file size. 

Do you provide Arabic epub conversion?

Yes, we provide Arabic epub conversion. We prefer only word document as input for epub conversion.

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