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Transform your raw manuscript into a structured, consistent, press-ready format with our professional typesetting services. Geethik is a pioneer in delivering quality typesetting services to its clientele worldwide and strives to deliver only the best of the typesetting services across all domains. Including a team of adept typesetters, we fulfill the growing typesetting requirements of clients today by organizing the document with clean layouts, persistent style, and formatting. We follow a systematic approach and utilize enhanced technologies to offer customized, outstanding typesetting services.

Typesetting services

What is exactly a Typesetting service?

Typesetting service includes the process of preparing the manuscript for final publication with the arrangement of texts and images, selection of felicitous size and style, and composition of text and design. So, the typesetting process transforms the manuscript into a press-ready file with the application of appropriate typesetting guidelines. 

We specialize in the following platforms:


Adobe InDesign

Typesetting services in india


Typesetting services in india


Typesetting services in india

Microsoft Word



How do we work?

We receive the source files and specifications from our clients. Our technical team will then analyze the document to understand the client requirements and work on creating the template file and style sheet. The Quality analysts will review the sheet to confirm if it meets the customer specifications and update the essential amendments to the technical department. Once the sheet is reviewed and approved, the production department team will prepare the proof files which will be then viewed by the proofreader to make sure that the pagination and all the customer requirements are carried out completely.

The proof file will be sent to our quality checkers to ensure accuracy. After the final approval, the PDF file will be delivered to the customer and if no further corrections are needed, the print-ready PDF will be delivered. So, with our typesetting service, the manuscript submitted will be transformed into a visually striking, ready-to-publish masterpiece with enhanced readability.

Typesetting services
Typesetting services in india

Our Services

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Typesetting services

Copy Editing

We offer a comprehensive copy editing service to revise the material for enhancing readability. It involves the complete process of going through the manuscript for ensuring consistency, accuracy, compliance with journal, book, international scientific rules and standards, and publisher style specifications. The process also includes rectification of sentence errors, punctuation errors, spelling mistakes, and errors in grammar.     

Typesetting services

Artwork/Graphic design

We provide high quality artwork and graphic design works that includes the creation of visually stunning images to enhance the reader’s experience. Our artwork and graphic design work include image redrawing, masking and relabeling, creative illustrations including technical drawings, image creation, manipulation and assembling, creative advertisement design, cover design, and so on.

Typesetting services

Indexing services

Our top-notch Indexing services include the extraction of key descriptors that represents the core theme of the chapters of a book or a research paper. After the extraction of descriptors, the respective chapter or paper will be tagged with those descriptors that are also known as the keywords actually present in that specific chapter or paper. We offer Name Index, Subject Index and Combined Index services.

Typesetting services

Editorial services

We provide three levels of editing – Light editing, Standard editing, and Advanced editing. In our editorial services, we completely rectify all errors related to spelling, capitalization, punctuation, formatting, abbreviations, grammar, and other vocabulary-related errors. We ensure the maintenance of author’s tone and consistency in all aspects and eliminate redundancy. We also do extensive rephrasing work to improve the language.  

How do we stand unique from others?

Typesetting conversion services

A-1 Prepress and
Typesetting services

Typesetting conversion services

Support after project

Typesetting conversion services

Customized typesetting

Typesetting services

Revisions till customer expectations
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Typesetting services

Print-ready files in quick turnaround

Typesetting services

Typesetting service for
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Typesetting services

Why Geethik for Typesetting?

  • We are the Apple-approved partner and one of the well-known typesetting services companies, delivering projects at the best prices. We are known for the best InDesign Typesetting services in India
  • We have more than a decade of experience in exceptional typesetting services and composition services for B2B books and Journals, Law books, Comic books, Recipe books, Trade books, Magazines, School books (KS1 – KS12), and other multilingual books. 
  • We are recognized for our excellence in book typesetting services, Arabic typesetting services, multilingual typesetting services, and Journal typesetting services by our clientele across the globe
  • We include a skilled team of typesetting professionals, experienced editors, and creative graphic designers to perform top-class typesetting services with fascinating illustrations, and compelling unique layouts.  
  • Our team of publishers has rich expertise in highly advanced typesetting software for formatting and designing content such as InDesign, QuarkXpress, PageMaker 3B2, TeX.
  • We follow XML workflow which eases the content publishing work in different digital formats like ePub, HTML, PDF, eMagazines, etc. This eventually saves time and cost for the content publishing process.

Composition Services

We have worked on a wide variety of ebook and other content projects and are happy to offer composition
services in the following genres


Multilingual Composition


Law book

Typesetting services

STM-Scientific technical medicine




School books


Comic books


Trade books


Recipe book

Frequently asked questions

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about our typesetting services

What is meant by Typesetting?

Typesetting, also often referred to as “composition,” “layout,” and “production,” is the arrangement of text on a page for visual display.

Design precedes typesetting. Before beginning the typesetting process, you first need to have templates for your pages. The templates are created during the design stage. Using a simple text-only book as an example, template design elements will include trim size, margins, fonts, number of lines per page, headers and footers, and page numbers.

Typesetting begins once your page templates are set up. In this stage, the content of the book will be imported into the template and each element is formatted according to its specific design across all pages.

What are the input files accepted for typesetting?

Normally we accept the following type of files for the typesetting process

1. Microsoft Word
2. Scanned Images
3. Non-editable PDF
3. Hard Book
4. PDF
5. Hand Written Document, etc.

Can you typeset other languages other than English?

Yes, we typeset the following languages besides English.

1. Danish
2. Dutch
3. French
4. Norwegian
5. Slovenian
6. Italian
7. Spanish
8. Swedish
9. Arabic
10. Tamil
11. Icelandic, etc.

What is the software used in typesetting?

We use the following typesetting software.

1. Adobe Indesign
2. Quark Xpress
3. Microsoft Word
4. Adobe Frame maker
5. Adobe PageMaker
6. 3B2

Does Geethik provide Multilingual typesetting service?

Yes, we provide Multilingual typesetting.

Can you provide fast-track typesetting?

Yes, we provide fast-track typesetting. We will deliver a simple text-only book with 300 pages within 24 hours.

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