Modre Sanje



First book Srečota Bleak, which for more than two years sailing the world’s seas. For it is already difficult North Sea, the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. The book describes so far prepluto way. He is a careful description of the events, places and people along the way. The salt impregnated sailors will choose this […]

Vivinit Solar



This ebok is about Vivint, Inc. (formerly known as APX Alarm Security Solutions Inc.) is a privately held company providing home security, home automation and energy conservation services in the United States, Canada and New Zealand. Vivint Inc. is headquartered in Provo, Utah. Vivint serves more than 800,000 installed systems across the United States, […]

Lili Luli

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This is a collection of poems for children. And it appears one taaaakšna nice girl – a witch. Witty, mischievous frkljica, curious red-haired-almost-teenager. The songs are narrative, but the verses followed by a wonderful rhythm from the first word to the last. This lovely creature is a great character struck Nina North, which is […]

The Asian Vegetarian Cookbook

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Eating vegetables need not be bland nor boring as veteran chef and renowned author Azrah Kamala Shashi shows in her latest cookbook, Vegetarian Feasts. Filled with attractive full-coloured photographs, the recipes are straightforward and easy-to-follow. Eat your way to a healthier lifestyle.

I Trapped a Dolphin

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Four-year old Abbie Rose has a magic suitcase. In this book, she goes on a wonderful adventure to the ocean with her best friend Billy. In the ocean, Abbie Rose and Billy see many different types of fishes and even meet a dolphin. Abbie Rose accidentally traps Billy and the dolphin in a fishing […]

Secret of the Swamp

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Three brothers are supposed to go to a mangrove swamp to take pictures of horseshoe crabs for a school project, but they really just want to have some fun. They end up having more than just fun – they have the adventure of a lifetime. In this humorous tale full of twists and turns, […]

Picking up a penguin’s egg

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Four-year old Abbie Rose has a magic suitcase. In this book, she goes on an exciting adventure to the South Pole with her best friend Billy. At the South Pole, which is white and full of snow, she meets a family of Adelie penguins. She picked up a penguin egg and the adventure begins. […]