Pre-Press and Typesetting

From books to magazines, we’ve worked on a whole range of print-ready materials for a whole range of content creators. Our typesetting services are second-to-none. We are quick, efficient, and responsive. What’s more, our exceptionally high standards ensure we always bring the latest industry knowledge and experience to any typesetting project.

We specialise in the following platforms:

  • QuarkXPress
  • InDesign
  • 3B2
  • TeX
  • LaTeX
  • PageMaker
  • Microsoft Word

Our in-house production team uses high-speed, versatile auto-pagination and conversion systems to paginate from source SGML/XML files. The paginated files are thoroughly proof-read to ensure they match international standards.

We also specialise in XML-first workflows. This workflow system offers significant savings

in terms of time and cost, creating a powerful platform for content to be published across different formats.

Composition Services

We have worked on a wide variety of ebook and other content projects and are happy to offer composition services in the following genres:

  • Multilingual composition
  • B2B books and journals
  • Magazines
  • Recipe books
  • Law books
  • School books (KS1–KS12)
  • Comic books
  • Trade books