D & N Publishing, UK

A great job of a complicated book.

Midland Typesetters, Australia

Deliveries are always on schedule with uncompromising quality.

Marko Hercog, Beletrina Academic Press, Slovenia

We know we can always count on [Geethik.]

Egmont Publishing Group, Denmark

I’ve been very impressed with Geethik and think many of my publishing colleagues in the UK trade would benefit too.

Laura Perehinec, The History Press, UK

Geethik have been excellent (prompt, cheap and producing good quality ebooks) and on this basis we’ve also used them for a few typesetting projects.

Little, Brown Book Group, UK

We really appreciate Geethik for turning [our project] around phenomenally quick!

Rob Nichols, Constable & Robinson, UK

At Constable & Robinson we trialled ebook conversion services from a number of suppliers – we were looking for exceptional technical skills, high standards of customer service and responsiveness, and of course very competitive pricing. Geethik ticked all of these boxes and quickly became our established preferred partner, playing a key supporting role in our…

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