Geethik Technologies have many years of experience working with publishers worldwide on typesetting books, magazines and other projects. We are able to offer an exceptional return-on-investment compared to our competitors, and work quickly and responsively with publishers on producing print-ready materials to the very highest quality.

To each project we bring industry knowledge, experience, and best practices, and work  closely to publishers to ensure that every project runs smoothly, on time and on budget.

We use the following platforms for typesetting: QuarkXPress, InDesign, 3B2, TeX, LaTeX, PageMaker and Microsoft Word.

Our in-house production team use high-speed and versatile auto-pagination and conversion systems to paginate from source SGML/XML files, providing a great solution for clients publishing in different media with full text of SGML/XML. The paginated files are thoroughly proof-read and delivered with high-level quality checks to ensure they match international standards.

We are also able to offer forward-thinking publishers XML-first workflows, which can offer significant savings in time and costs, as well as creating a powerful platform for content to be edited and published across different digital and print formats.

See some examples of the typesetting work we have done for our clients in our Showcase.