5 things publishers should know about Kindle Unlimited for readers

Ebook subscription services are commonly hailed as the Netflix for books and Kindle Unlimited, launched back in July 2014, leads the pack. There are few serious competitors to consider in this market, especially after exits from Oyster and Entitle. Scribd also drop its unlimited model last year in favour of a more sustainable ‘Select’ system. With KU still going strong, here are a few […]

Who is buying and reading ebooks?

Anyone with an eye on ebook buyer behaviour can’t fail to have noticed the latest dismal headlines. After what looked like a bracing start for the format, ebook sales are reported to be in a state of steady decline amidst accounts of print book revivals and ‘digital fatigue’. According to the Publishers Association, UK sales of consumer ebooks plummeted by 17% in 2016 with […]

The 5 best sites for reading ebooks online

No e-reader? No tablet? No problem. You can still read books online using your preferred browser. There are some really great options out there to match a variety of reading styles. Here are five (and a few bonus suggestions) that we think are well worth adding to your list.

Project Gutenberg
Housing a treasure trove of over 50,000 public domain books, Project Gutenberg has been running […]

New e-reading devices for 2017

With so many apps, sites and hardware options at our fingertips the market for dedicated e-readers has begun to narrow. However, there are still plenty of reasons for avid readers to invest in a single-purpose device: Battery life still outperforms that of tablets and smartphones; the focus remains on reading so keeps distractions to a minimum; and E Ink technology is still hard to […]

EPUB for Education: what is happening?

Delivering digital formats of educational resources isn’t something new. Most education publishers have been offering electronic versions of texts for decades. Digital developments help to provide interactivity, immediate analytics, and an increase in social connectivity linked to learning. It’s an exciting time to be in the classroom, as the variety of online resources expands a teachers’ toolkit.

The current format of choice for online […]

Managing your e-book outsourcing relationship in 2017

As the New Year kicks-off, it is an opportunity to evaluate and re-think existing relationships – in an effort to make 2017 a more efficient, and smooth-running year. After ten years of working with book publishers on successful projects, from e-book conversions through to some of the most complex typesetting work, we have decided to share some tips on managing the process.

1) Communication of […]