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Geethik Technologies have many years of experience working with publishers worldwide on typesetting books, magazines and other projects. We are able to offer an exceptional return-on-investment compared to our competitors, and work quickly and responsively with publishers on producing print-ready materials to the very highest quality.Learn More

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Geethik Technologies are a leading provider to the global content industry, working with publishers and companies around the world at the vanguard of e publishing – from complex ebook projects and composition (typesetting), to mobile application development and bespoke solutions.
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“We are very happy with every part of your service and appreciate your high level of professionalism. Your team ensures an incredibly steady workflow and a quality product that fully lives up to our expectations. Specifically, we have been very grateful for the great work you have done on the enhanced eBook with animations, and we hope to be able to start similar exciting projects in the future. So a great thanks to you and your team.”
Digital Editor, Leading publisher from Denmark
“I wanted to ask you to what extent you are attracting UK customers for your services? I’ve been
very impressed with Geethik and think many of my publishing colleagues in the UK trade would benefit too…”.
A leading Publisher from Denmark
“The output has been first class. Thank you and your team for me”.
Robert Nichols, Digital & Communications Director, Constable & Robinson
“Many thanks for all the help with our new project, Deliveries are always on schedule with uncompromising quality..!!”
A leading Typesetter from Australia
“Many thanks for putting so much effort to adhere our schedule with best quality. We know we can always count on you.”
A leading Academic Publisher from Slovenia
“Many thanks for putting so much effort to adhere our schedule with best quality. We know we can always count on you.”
A leading Academic Publisher from Slovenia
The publisher has approved all of these files and is very happy with the results. So thank you very much for all your work.
A leading publisher from Singapore
All the files look good. Especially, with your skill on working on our local language. Thank you very much for your work.
A leading children’s book publisher from Denmark


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Geethik gives peace of mind when publishing for digital natives

At Constable & Robinson we trialled ebook conversion services from a number of suppliers – we were looking for exceptional technical skills, high standards of customer service and responsiveness, and of course very competitive pricing. Geethik ticked all of these boxes and quickly became our established preferred partner, playing a key supporting role in our ebook success - Rob Nichols, Constable & Robinson

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